Installing Accompanying MATLAB Software

The steps for installing the MATLAB files to accompany the text “Signals and Systems – A MATLAB Integrated Approach” are explained below. Installation instructions can also be downloaded as a pdf file by navigating to the downloads page.
  1. Download the current version of the archived file “” from the downloads page.
  2. Uncompress the archive “” to a directory such as “C:\SigSys”.
  3. Start MATLAB. In the command window, type the following:
    >> pathtool
  4. This starts the MATLAB “Set Path” dialog, as shown below.
    'Set Path' dialog
  5. Click the button “Add with Subfolders…”. This brings up the “Browse For Folder” dialog shown below:
    'Browse For Folder' dialog
  6. Navigate through the directory structure to find the directory where the archive was uncompressed, for example “C:\SigSys”, and select it. Click the “OK” button to close the “Browse For Folder” dialog. (If the files have been extracted into directory different from “C:\SigSys”, adjust this step accordingly.)
  7. Click the “Save” button to close the “Set Path” dialog.
  8. Now the MATLAB files are ready to be used. To run one of the GUI-based interactive demo programs, type its name in the command window. For example, the command
    >> conv_demo1
    starts the program referred to on Page 149 of the text. The command
    >> ex_2_21
    runs the script file associated with Example 2.21 on Page 149 of the text.
  9. It is also possible to incorporate the software with MATLAB help system so that all scripts and interactive demo programs can be accessed easily through a menu system arranged by chapters. To accomplish this, click on the “Help” icon on the MATLAB toolbar as shown below:
    'Browse For Folder' dialog
  10. Click on “Supplemental Software”.
    'Browse For Folder' dialog