Interactive MATLAB Applications

Signals And Systems Cover Image
This is a list of the GUI-based interactive MATLAB applications that accompany the text. These applications are designed to help clarify fundamental concepts covered in each chapter.
Program Description
sop_demo1.m Elementary signal operations - 1
sop_demo2.m Elementary signal operations - 2
imp_demo.m Constructing a unit-impulse as a limit case of various functions
stp_demo1.m Use of unit-step function for signal switching - 1
stp_demo2.m Use of unit-step function for signal switching - 2
wav_demo1.m Waveform explorer demo 1
sin_demo1.m Continuous-time sinusoidal signal
id_demo.m Impulse decomposition of a signal
cexp_demo.m Complex exponential signal in cartesian and polar forms
sin_demo2.m Periodicity of a continuous-time signal consisting of multiple sinusoids
exp_demo.m Energy of a right-sided exponential signal
tavg_demo.m Time average of pulse train
phs_demo.m Complex phasors
Program Description
rc_demo1.m Finding the pulse response of the simple RC circuit using superposition
rc_demo2.m Time constant for the first-order system
nr_demo1.m Natural response of second-order continuous-time system
fr_demo1.m Forced response of simple RC circuit for sinusoidal input
conv_demo1.m Finding the unit-step response of the simple RC circuit using convolution
conv_demo2.m Finding the pulse response of the simple RC circuit using convolution
conv_demo3.m A more involved convolution problem
conv_demo4.m Alternative form of the convolution integral
Program Description
ma_demo1.m Moving average filtering
ma_demo2.m Length-2 moving average filter
ma_demo3.m Length-4 moving average filter
es_demo.m Exponential smoother
nr_demo2.m Natural response of second-order discrete-time system
fr_demo2.m Forced response of exponential smoother for sinusoidal input
dgm_demo1.m Block diagram for a second-order system
conv_demo5.m Discrete-time convolution example
Program Description
appr_demo1.m Approximation of square-wave using sinusoids
tfs_demo1.m TFS for periodic pulse train
tfs_demo2.m TFS for periodic pulse train with even symmetry
tfs_demo3.m TFS for periodic square-wave signal
efs_demo1.m EFS for periodic pulse train with even symmetry
efs_demo2.m EFS - Effects of time shifting the signal
ft_demo1.m Developing further insight
ft_demo2.m Fourier transform of a rectangular pulse
ft_demo3.m From rectangular pulse to unit impulse
ft_demo4.m Fourier transform of right-sided exponential signal
ft_demo5.m Fourier transform of two-sided exponential signal
ft_demo6.m Fourier transform of a triangular pulse
ft_demo7.m Obtaining Fourier transform of the signum function
ft_demo8.m Fourier transform of modulated pulse
ft_demo9.m Working with scaled and shifted pulses
ft_demo10.m Fourier transform of a trapezoidal pulse
ft_demo11.m Pulse with trapezoidal spectrum
ft_demo12.m Multiplication property of the Fourier transform
sf_demo1.m System function for RC circuit
sf_demo2.m Steady-state response of RC circuit
sf_demo3.m RC circuit with pulse train input
sf_demo4.m Pulse response of RC circuit
Program Description
dtfs_demo1.m DTFS for discrete-time pulse train
dtft_demo1.m Developing further insight
dtft_demo2.m DTFT of right-sided exponential signal
dtft_demo3.m DTFT of discrete-time pulse
dtft_demo4.m Inverse DTFT of rectangular spectrum
dtft_demo5.m Inverse DTFT of the unit impulse function
dtft_demo6.m DTFT of a time-shifted signal
dtft_demo7.m DTFT of two-sided exponential signal
sf_demo5.m System function for length-N moving average filter
sf_demo6.m Steady-state response of DTLTI system to sinusoidal input
pf_demo.m Picket-fence effect of the DFT
dft_demo.m Using DFT to approximate the continuous Fourier transform
Program Description
smp_demo1.m Frequency spectrum of the impulse-sampled signal
smp_demo2.m Impulse sampling a right-sided exponential signal
smp_demo3.m Spectral relationships in sampling sinusoidal signals
Program Description
lap_demo1.m Laplace transform demo 1
lap_demo2.m Laplace transform of a pulse signal
pz_demo1.m Graphical interpretation of the pole zero plot
Program Description
zt_demo1.m Three-dimensional view of the z-transform
zt_demo2.m z-Transform of discrete-time pulse signal
pz_demo2.m Graphical interpretation of the pole zero plot
Program Description
dist_demo.m Distortion caused by RC circuit
ilpf_demo.m Ideal lowpass filter spectrum and impulse response
ibpf_demo.m Ideal bandpass filter spectrum and impulse response
btw_demo.m Magnitude response of Butterworth lowpass filter
cheb1_demo.m Magnitude response of Chebyshev type-1 lowpass filter
cheb2_demo.m Magnitude response of Chebyshev type-2 lowpass filter
impinv_demo.m Spectral relationships under impulse invariance
biln_demo.m Spectral relationships under bilinear transformation
Program Description
am_demo1.m Effect of modulation index on envelope
am_demo2.m Amplitude modulation of a carrier with a single tone
am_demo3.m AM frequency spectrum
am_demo4.m AM spectrum for a single tone message signal
am_demo5.m Phasor representation of a tone-modulated AM signal
am_demo6.m Using phasors to determine the envelope of tone-modulated AM signal
am_demo7.m Switching modulator simulation
am_demo8.m Square-law modulator simulation
am_demo9.m Diode-based envelope detector simulation
dsb_demo1.m DSB-SC modulation
dsb_demo2.m DSB-SC modulation of a carrier with a single tone
dsb_demo3.m DSB-SC frequency spectrum
dsb_demo4.m DSB-SC spectrum with a single-tone message signal